The Puzzle-Related Egg Hunt For Adults

Full Vaccination Required.

Do Not Fear The Eggs. Command Them. Control Them. Find Them.

Dearest Patrons,

EGGS. ALIEN EGGS. Management wants them. Don't ask why. To celebrate/shamelessly promote the upcoming launch of our MegaGame Arcade Theme Park, we have decided to welcome into our world hundreds of egg-shaped parasites. We admit that, in hindsight, this was not the best move. The good news is that some of them appear to have candy in them.

The Easterween Indoor Egg hunt for adults: Devilishly hidden eggs. Five floors of Egg-hunt goodness. Riddles and locks. Good times.

Hunt Start Times Every Hour on the Hour. COME ON TIME OR PERISH. (or wait another hour for the next one.)

Earlier hunters will not have a significant advantage: Eggs Reset Every Hour. Prizes will be plentiful.

Prizes will be made available to those that can uncover suitable quantities of egg, scan them, and solve the puzzles/mysteries relating to the eggs so we can nip this world-ending disaster in the bud.

All players should have access to a smartphone with a QR code reader to scan the eggs for cataloging. 

As with all Puzzalarium games, Children are technically permitted, but will be treated as adults. If they can handle that, then they can come. Children under the age of 6 are strongly discouraged. 

Traditional Easterween Lawn Games will be available before and after your hunt.

Comfortable footwear, a basket, a QR code reader, and stupid costumes are encouraged.

 Questions? Email [email protected] or call 619-402-1466.


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